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WoC is on a brief hiatus until I am finished with my zuda submission. Everything will be back on schedule in November. But I need spend the next couple of weeks finishing things up.

Thanks for being so patient!

Updates and News

leaf 09/08/07--Page 19 is up now! Next week I will be in Indianapolis and a miniature art and doll show. So I will try to get one more update in before the 14th.

08/18/07--Page 18 is up now! Finally! This one was interesting to do... lots of text to fit in and some interesting expressions to make. Enjoy!

08/08/07--Page 17 is up now! Finally! Hectic schedules, travel, the begining of the school year for the kids... all manner of thing has been cropping up and stealing my time. But it's here at last and hopefully I will get back on schedule!

07/14/07--Page 16 is up now! Gerith is awake! ---Now, next week things may be a bit late. I will be out of towm until Thursday. But I will try to have the lineart worked out while I am away so that when I come home, all I have to do is scan and color.

07/02/07--Page 15 is up now! This one is is a bit flashy in the scenery dept. But then it's the first image of the Arllyn's home city.

06/29/07--Page 14 is up now! And today it is exactly one month since launch! It's Wynd of Change's 1st mensiversary!

06/20/07--Page 13 is up now! What about page 12, you say? Well, I put it up last Saturday morning and like a big oaf, I forgot to post the update to the front page. *blushes*

06/9/07--Page 11 is up now! Well, this one was a bugger, big pyres are apparently not my artistic strong suit. However, it was fun to play with the new colors!

06/1/07--Page 10 is up now! I did not expect to have it done yet. But since I did, I saw no reason to hold onto it. Hugs!

05/29/07--It's launch time! Over the next bit some more advertments will appear. And I added a new walk-through to the tuts page on how I construct a comic page. And hopefully everything works just right.